Birthstone Of February Amethyst Stone

Month: February.
Star sign: Aquarius (February 1 – February 18) Pisces (February 19 – February 28).
Stone for you: Amethyst.
The stone of the most adorable color is for people born in February, the month of valentine's! Amethyst comes in such an attractive purple color that Zanvari loves to come up with ideas for Amethyst stones in ornaments so that we can do justice to the stone and we do have a collection from which you can find your perfect choice.
As a member of the quartz family characterized by its distinctive purple color, besides these varieties, amethyst also comes in blue, chevron, and pink. Whether they are natural or synthetic, amethyst stones are stunning. The stunning purple color of the stone, which can be set in almost any metal, can go with any outfit.
The word ‘amethyst’ comes from the Greek word amethystos, which means sober. Amethyst has been associated with numerous religions, cultures, myths, and legends throughout history. Amethyst jewelry has been found and dated as early as 2000 BC. Amethyst was regarded as one of the most valuable gemstones for a long time and was frequently favored by royalty.  
Sri Lanka, Siberia, Brazil, Uruguay, Namibia, the Far East, and large deposits in Namibia, Australia, and America all contain high-quality naturally formed amethyst. South America holds the largest cache of this gem.
The size of the amethyst and the intensity of its color are two of the many factors that influence its value in terms of price.
  • On the Mohs scale, amethyst has a hardness of seven. Gems made of amethyst are ideal for all kinds of jewelry due to their durability. Amethyst can be cut into bracelet cuffs or beads, as well as found in earrings, pendants, bracelets, and rings, and Zanvari is the perfect spot to shop for Amethyst jewels.
  • Amethyst's reddish-purple to purple hue has long been associated with tranquility, purification, and energy.
  • It is believed that amethyst has healing properties that shield its wearer from harmful energies. Some people hold the belief that the stone's sedative properties help us become more in tune with the divine, resulting in more restful dreams.
  • In ancient times, it was thought that natural amethyst could purify the body of all toxins.

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