Birthstone Of October Opal Stone

Month: October
Star sign: Libra (October 1- October 22) Scorpio  (October 23- October 31)
Stone For You: Opal.
Stone of fire Opal is for people born in October, Opal is a semi-precious gemstone and is also called the ‘Queen of Gems’. 
There is a famous saying about Opal
"There are worlds in an Opal".
The name opal is believed to be derived from the Sanskrit word Upala which means Jewels. 

Opal colors can be found all over the spectrum. An opal may exhibit a single color, two or three colors, or all of the rainbow's colors. Opal exhibits background color as well as color play.
Opal comes in four varieties: black opal, white opal, crystal opal, and jelly opal. Fire opal, hyalite, water opal, hydrophane, and honey opal are some of the other types.
The famous anthropologist Louis Leakey discovered the earliest known opal artifacts in a cave in Kenya. They probably came from Ethiopia, probably around 4000 B.C. Diamond, emerald, ruby, and sapphire all underwent similar discoveries and mining processes in the past. As gemstones were discovered by early humans, they gradually learned how to shape them into ornaments. Gems came to be regarded as signs of wealth as communities developed.
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Queen of gems has a lot of benefits and uses:
  • In addition to becoming a well-known fashion accessory, it possesses potent astrological properties.
  • People born in October, if you wear the stone, it will ignite love and affection in you, as well as promise a luxurious life.
  • The opal gemstone raises your social status and is ideal for those who work in creative fields such as fashion, acting, jewelry, and so on. It gives you the strength to deal with adversity and improve your life.