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Let these studs be a symbol of elegance that you carry with you.
"A Perfect Alternative Of Diamond"
Little Details:
  • Embedded with beautiful Cushion Cut Moissanite stone of 1 carat.
  • Pure Sterling Silver 925.
  • Rhodium Plating. 
  • Color D
  • GRA Certified 
  • Diamond Tester Pass.

Radiant brilliance with our Handmade Cushion Cut Moissanite Stud Earrings, meticulously crafted in Sterling 925 Silver.

Each earring features a premium cushion cut moissanite gemstone, renowned for its exceptional sparkle and durability, rivaling the luminosity of diamonds at a fraction of the cost.

"Let the stars envy your shine, with moissanite's fire dancing in the light of your life."

Little Backstory:

The cushion cut is one of the oldest diamond shapes and remains one of the most popular. It is known for its appealing rectangular or square shape but with soft pillowy corners. This fancy shape harkens its roots from the Old Mine cut dating back to the 1700s.

From the 1800s well into the early 1900s, before round brilliant diamonds took over as the most prized diamond cut, the Old Mine—precursor of the Cushion cut-was the most widespread style of diamond shape.

Cushion Cut Moissanite:

Cushion cut moissanites have emerged as a captivating alternative to diamonds, weaving a story of innovation, sustainability, and timeless beauty.

For years, the allure of diamonds dominated the jewelry industry, symbolizing love and commitment. However, as the world became more conscious of the environmental and ethical implications of diamond mining, the quest for sustainable yet luxurious alternatives grew. Moissanite, with its near-identical appearance to diamonds, emerged as the hero of this narrative. Its creation in laboratories not only ensures a minimal environmental footprint but also guarantees that no harm comes to communities or ecosystems.

The cushion cut, with its rounded corners and large facets, enhances the moissanite's fire and brilliance, making it a perfect candidate for those who seek the luxury and beauty of diamonds without their contentious background. This cut dates back to the 19th century and has been associated with royalty and romance, offering a vintage charm with a modern twist.


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