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Zanvari is the flagship company of Hameed Jewelers. It was established in 1947 in the city of lights Karachi, Pakistan. Hence Zanvari is the 3rd generation of Hameed jewelers and we have come a long way following our ancestor's footsteps. Today it has a strong network head company in Karachi, 5 wholesale units, additional offices, design centers, and factories across Pakistan and we have had our expertise in manufacturing jewelry for about 75 years and we intend to provide quality products for our customers.



All the jewelry is planned and made solely in Pakistan, by craftsmen who are focused to bring out the best in the product. Their design philosophy is governed by absolute excellence and delicacy at the same time minimal aesthetics focusing their technique on high-quality metals from Silver 925 and Natural stones.  



The construction process goes step by step by the hand of our workers.

  1. The first stage consists of sorting out the high-quality stones. We provide you the high-quality stones that include the gemstones of Pakistan. 
  2. The second stage is capturing the idea in the mind and printing it on paper. Well, the most important step as we care about you and we want to come up with ideas that are striking and attractive.
  3. The third stage is that of casting the material to get the mold out to create the final design. 
  4. The last stage is the finishing phase and the plating for the final result.

The process not only ends here, but our dedication and hard work will also only pay off once it reaches the hands of our customers.

Our jewelry is conceived for all women: free, vibrant, and inspiring. Unique and daring. Just like your own stories, our jewelry is colorful and unique; it is embodied by stones and diamonds, but first and foremost with joy.

We create modern and timeless pieces, that fit every moment of life. For you, we sculpt gold and carve gems, while carrying out the values that we hold dear: thoroughness, selflessness, and respect. Together, we are proud to provide you with the finest jewelry with the utmost sentimental value.

   " Our jewelry is made with care, love, and loyalty towards the customers".                      




Jewelry is an experience of matter and time, made up of four components nature, water, fire, and air, and fashioned in the element of the substantial world through high human mind and method. Before being a decorative element jewelry is the symbol of magic, power, and flawlessness. 

Zanvari is focused on creating delicate and attractive products using the gemstones of Pakistan. All the jewelry we offer is 100% handmade from sterling silver (925 silver). Our silver jewelry is made with Rhodium plating whereas in our gold jewelry we use 24k gold plating. We intend to do the best for our customers therefore, we use precious stones which are found in Pakistan. 

"Natural stones give jewelry a unique kind of finish and they give spark to the person wearing it".

"Zanvari provide hand-shaped nature, a beam of light, a splash of water, and a heat of a fire that individuals wear or deal as a present to other people".


  1.  Our mission is to provide high-quality, trendy, handcrafted, and genuine jewelry to men and women regardless of where they are and, in the process, allow them to express their true selves. Each jewelry piece is unique to every person which expresses who they are distinctly and especially.
  2. Our goal is to continue to create and produce jewelry that leaves a mark of our ancestors, which provides you quality and a sense of sentiment in every piece.
  3. Not only offering you jewels is our aim but we also care about you and your loved ones, hence every piece is designed with care, love, and loyalty towards you. 
"Building a good customer experience does not happen by accident, it happens by design~ Clare Muscutt".




To meet all our clientele's service needs, at Zanvari we have a team of very dedicated and trouble solver people who are happy to help and answer all the questions. 

You can contact us through WhatsApp, Instagram, and Facebook.


    "Good things take time"

Since we are focused on quality, we take at least 8 to 15 working days before getting the final product of your desire dispatched.

All the jewelry is handmade and gemstone mounting requires time.


Zanvari provides GGI certification, Creating authenticity and long-term trust.

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