Birthstone Of August Peridot Stone

Month: August
Star sign: Leo(August 1- August 22) Virgo (August 23- August 31)
Stone For You: Peridot.
One of the many gemstones that occur in only one color Peridot is for the people born in August.
Peridot's green color is due to its high magnesium content and iron content. Peridot comes in a variety of hues, from yellow to olive to dark green.
The pretty greens of Peridot crystals range from golden to olive green and even a hint of lime green from the olivine. Even though it is sometimes referred to as "the poor man's emerald," this vibrant bright stone is anything but modest or humble.
Peridot has a long and storied history of being revered by those in power, from ancient times to tales of Egyptian queens. This lustrous gem, which was said to ward off evil spirits, also captivated kings and high priests. Peridot comes from an island in the Red Sea, close to the Pharaoh's shores of Egypt.
This gift from the heart of Mother Nature comes with a ton of healing properties.
  • This exquisite gemstone is associated with the heart chakra and is generally prepared to assist with laying your affection bare so you can partake in the eminent delight of the universe.
  • Physicians of the old world believed that Peridot was a natural healer when it came to the liver, the gall bladder, and digestion problems. Perhaps due to its green color, the stone was synonymous with the idea of detoxing.
  • A bringer of life and light, Peridot truly blooms into its own when it comes to mental and emotional healing properties.
Leo and Virgo share the Peridot stone:

Virgos are generous, imaginative, and passionate, but they can also be harsh and quick to criticize, especially when they lose a little control because they love to lead the room. Peridot helps Virgos simply let go, give up their tendency to be picky, and open their hearts to love and understanding.

Including a lovely Peridot in one's life can be beneficial for Leos as well. Peridot is a perfect match for Leo who always lights up the room because it is equally warm, fierce, and always ready to leave a trail of fire. The crystal helps them control their possessive nature, which is essential for learning to nurture trust and share relationships that bring them endless joy.

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