Birthstone Of July Ruby Stone

Month: July
Star sign: Cancer (July 1- July 22) Leo (July 23- July 31)
Stone For You: Ruby.
The stars who were born in July have the Stone of Royalty as their Birthstone.
Ruby is the most coveted of gems, The Latin word ruber, which means "red," refers to the color of passion and love.
Ruby is a precious stone made of red corundum, which is transparent. Its variety goes from dark cochineal to a gentle rose red, and in uncommon cases, it has a hint of purple.
Rubies can be cut into any shape, including Asscher, princess, emerald, cushion, and radiant, though the most common shapes are round, oval, pear, and marquise.
Rubies were prized by early cultures because they resembled the blood's red color and were believed to possess life-giving properties. The ancient Sanskrit language refers to ruby as ratnaraj, which translates to "King of precious stones". Ruby has been referred to as the most valuable of God's twelve stones.
Longing for ruby is similarly as extraordinary today as it generally has been. Ruby is a perfect gift for a romantic relationship because it represents love. Customers are drawn to the vibrant color because it also represents success and wealth.
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Rubies are closely linked with the fire element, given their red color. Mohs scale of hardness, it is a red stone with a hardness of 9. Ruby is a well-liked present for every occasion. Ruby's meaning is fortune and protection.
Ruby, along with diamond, sapphire, and emerald, is one of the four "precious gemstones."It is mined all over the world, including India, Afghanistan, Thailand, Sri Lanka, Myanmar, and Madagascar.
Ruby is a powerful and protective stone with many benefits.
Spiritually, Ruby is a flash of brilliant light in the gloom. This gem will ignite your chi and rekindle your inner engine for those who feel as though the world has turned cold and they are unable to engage.
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