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You can easily and fun add personality and flair to your outfits by wearing statement jewelry. If you want to look and feel your best while wearing statement jewelry, follow these guidelines.

  • The rest of your outfit should be simple. Statement jewelry is best worn with simple, understated clothing because it tends to be bold and striking. Your jewelry will be the main focus and your look will be more balanced as a result.

Adding glam to a simple dress with Topaz Ring

  • Think about the occasion. Although statement jewelry can be worn to more casual events, it is typically more appropriate for formal or dressy occasions. Simply pay attention to the general atmosphere and dress code.

A simple white shirt with Swarovski pendant

  • Select the appropriate items. Statement jewelry isn't the same for everyone, so choose pieces that go well with your style and body shape. Chunky necklaces, for instance, may not be the best option for someone with a small frame.

Nauratan necklace to complete a look

  • Carefully layer. While putting different kinds of statement jewelry on top of each other can be a great way to give your outfit depth and interest, it's important to keep your ensemble in balance. Don't use too many competing pieces to make your outfit look too crowded.

The duo of Modern Love Ring and Modern Eternity Band

Moissanite Statement Ring

  • Concentrate on the proportions. Statement jewelry can be a great way to draw attention to specific parts of your body, but it's important to pick pieces that fit your body well. For instance, someone with a small face might prefer smaller earrings.

Small Moissanite ear studs


  • Be confident when you accessorize. In the end, the secret to wearing statement jewelry is to feel good about the choices you make. Don't be afraid to try on a variety of outfits and styles until you find one that you like and are comfortable in. Trust your instincts.
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Hurrem Sultan Ring