One of Ottoman history's most powerful and influential women was Hurrem Sultan, also known as Roxelana. Hurrem was a young girl who was sold into slavery and brought to the Ottoman Empire. She was born in the 16th century in Ukraine. She eventually became Sultan Suleiman the Magnificent concubine, and their union would alter Ottoman history.


Hurrem Sultan

Hurrem was known for her beauty, intelligence, and charm, and she quickly rose to a position of power and influence within the Ottoman court. Despite the fact that she was a concubine, rather than a legal wife, Hurrem was able to secure a position of power and prestige that was unprecedented for a woman in the Ottoman Empire. She was able to do this through her intelligence, her ability to manipulate situations to her advantage, and her ability to gain the trust and loyalty of those around her.


One of the most notable achievements of Hurrem Sultan was her ability to secure the succession of her son, Selim, as the next Ottoman Sultan. This was an incredible feat, as the Ottoman Empire had a tradition of fratricide, with brothers killing each other for the throne. Hurrem was able to secure Selim's succession through her influence over her lover and husband, Sultan Suleiman. She also played a key role in the education and upbringing of Selim, ensuring that he would be a strong and capable ruler.


Hurrem Sultan was also known for her philanthropy and her patronage of the arts. She was a patron of many artists, poets and architects, and she is credited with helping to develop the Ottoman Empire's unique architectural style. She also built many charitable institutions, including hospitals and schools, and she was known for her generosity to the poor.


Hurrem Sultan's legacy is one of power, influence, and achievement. She was able to rise from the position of a concubine to one of the most powerful and respected women in Ottoman history. Her ability to secure the succession of her son, Selim, was a major achievement that changed the course of Ottoman history, and her philanthropy and patronage of the arts had a lasting impact on the empire. Hurrem Sultan's story is a testament to the power of a woman's intellect, charm and determination, and it continues to inspire people to this day.


Not only did she wield significant political influence during her time as the sultan's wife, but she was also known for her love of jewels.

Her husband gave Hurrem Sultan a lot of jewels, including pearls, diamonds, emeralds, and rubies. She had a collection of rings set with precious stones, and she frequently wore a pearl necklace with a diamond-studded pendant. She also owned a number of tiaras, one of which was made of rubies and diamonds and the other of diamonds and pearls.

Her jewelry collection remains a fascinating and beautiful part of her legacy today.

Hurrem Sultan Ring

Hurren Sultan Ring

Hurrem Sultan owned was an emerald ring, which was said to have been passed down to her from her mother-in-law, the previous Valide Sultan. This ring was also known for its intricate gold work, and the large emerald was a representation of Hurrem Sultan's status and wealth.

Hurrem Sultan's rings were not only symbols of her wealth and status but also symbols of her love and devotion to her husband. Her rings, particularly the diamond and emerald rings, were passed down to her descendants and the Ottoman sultans who followed, and it remains a fascinating part of her legacy today.

Hurrem Sultan Ring


Her personal collection and commissioned pieces were a testament to her wealth and status, and her rings remain a beautiful and fascinating part of her legacy today.