For centuries, rings have been worn as a sign of status, love, and commitment. Before making a purchase or putting on a ring, it's important to know what each type of ring means and how it represents something, as these meanings and symbolism can vary widely.


Wedding Female band 

Wedding Male Band

The most well-known kind of ring is the wedding ring, which represents a couple's eternal love and commitment. Wedding rings are typically made of gold or other precious metals and are worn on the "ring finger," also known as the fourth finger, on the left hand. It was thought that this finger had a vein that went straight to the heart, so it was the perfect finger to represent love and commitment.


Engagement female ring

Engagement male ring

An engagement ring is a ring that is given to a person as a symbol of the intent to marry. Engagement rings are usually made of gold or other precious metals and typically feature a diamond or other precious stone. The diamond is a symbol of love and commitment, and the ring itself is a symbol of the promise to spend a lifetime together.


Class Rings

A type of ring called a class ring is given to students when they graduate from high school or college. These rings typically feature the school's name, mascot, or crest and are typically made of gold or other precious metals. The student's achievements are represented by class rings, which also serve as a reminder of their time spent in school.


Signet 18k Gold Ring

Signet rings are a type of ring that has been used for centuries as a seal for important documents. Signet rings have a flat surface that is engraved with a design or crest, which is then pressed into wax or clay to seal a document. Signet rings are a symbol of authority and are often worn by members of the royal family or other high-ranking officials.


Claddagh Ring

Claddagh rings are a traditional Irish ring that symbolizes love, loyalty, and friendship. The ring features two hands holding a heart, and a crown on top of the heart. The hands represent friendship, the heart represents love, and the crown represents loyalty. The direction of the ring on the finger can also have different meanings. Worn on the right hand with the heart facing outwards means the wearer is single, facing inwards means the wearer is in a relationship, and worn on the left hand with the heart facing inwards means the wearer is engaged.

Rings have a rich history and carry deep symbolism. The type of ring and how it's worn can convey a message to the observer, whether it's your love, commitment, graduation or even a seal of authority. Understanding the symbolism behind different types of rings can help you make a more informed choice when buying or wearing a ring.